Acacia Claus

Every winter season the Acacia Chapter at the University of Missouri find time to serve.  The brothers spend on week out on Speaker's Circle on campus raising money for the kids at Shriner's Hospital in St. Louis to help them have happy holidays.  We often sell cookies, wristbands, and T-shirts to help.

Shriner's Hospital works to help families who children are being cared for in orthopedics, burn care, spinal cord injury, and cleft lip and palate.  Shiner's takes care of the financial burden that would be placed on these families.  They are a world renowned Philanthropy and one of the best places for pediatric care.  If you would like to help us in our goal to help the kids at Shriner's Hospital enjoy their holiday season, you may donate below.

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We are raising money to buy gifts for the children at Shriner's Hospital!

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William Felton $52.00
Acacia Claus.
November 15, 2016

Andrew Lloyd-Smith $51.00
November 15, 2016

Daniel Krueger $50.00
December 3, 2016

Lisa Luta $50.00
Mike and Shelly Lutz
December 1, 2016

Lisa Lutz $50.00
Good job! Jerry Hartman
December 1, 2016

Nancy Jurgensmeyer $50.00
Merry Christmas!
December 1, 2016

Daniel Fulk $50.00
November 22, 2016

rebecca branum $50.00
nice project
November 16, 2016

Jeffey Felton $50.00
November 16, 2016

Dennis M Magdato $50.00
November 14, 2016

Michael Meeks $50.00
Acacia Claus
November 11, 2016

Margaret T Burns $50.00
Acacia Claus
December 10, 2015

Mark Dorney $50.00
Acacia Claus
December 10, 2015

William Reeder $20.00
November 20, 2016

Tyler Morton $20.00
November 10, 2016

Cecilia Brown $20.00
Hello Jack from Cecilia
December 9, 2015