Greetings from the Venerable Dean

Alumni, Brothers, Parents, and Friends,

On behalf of the brothers of the Missouri Chapter of the Acacia Fraternity, welcome to our website. Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn more about our chapter. I hope you will find this site informative and useful.

Acacia promotes itself as a social brotherhood that prides itself on leadership through service and academics. This is easily demonstrated by our camaraderie and love of the fraternity and our fellow brothers, our individual academic records, and our dedication to serving the community whole-heartedly through volunteer work and involvement in Mizzou’s Greek community.

Though we have had a presence on the University of Missouri campus since 1907, and many student leaders and even presidents of the university have been Acacians, our chapter was recently rechartered at Mizzou on April 9, 2005. This rich history in combination with a renewed vision for the fraternity is one of our biggest assets--and something on which we pride ourselves greatly.

The brothers of the Acacia Fraternity at the University of Missouri are not ordinary students. Our chapter is extremely selective in who is bestowed the honor of this brotherhood. Therefore, it is neither uncommon nor unbelievable that all of our brothers excel in their fields of study and are active in campus leadership positions as well as in various avenues of our community. We believe there is no other type of man suitable for our brotherhood, nor is there any other fraternity suitable for men of such valor.

The years ahead mark exciting times for our brotherhood, and you can without a doubt be a part of that. If you are a student currently enrolled or looking to enroll at the University of Missouri and are interested in Greek Life or in getting involved on campus, or perhaps a parent of such a student, our brothers would love to meet with you and help you find the fraternity that meets your ideals and helps you grow as an educated man. For those of us in this brotherhood, that fraternity proudly was and always will be the Acacia Fraternity. If you're an alumni brother of our fraternity, we welcome you back and encourage you to contact our secretary with your contact info so we can again strengthen the ties of friendship.

Join us in fraternal brotherhood as we continue to grow and impact our university and the Greek community. It's a great time to be an Acacian.

In the Acacia Spirit,

Kevin Weber,

Past-Venerable Dean